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Leaf Collection



Loose-leaf collection is NOT provided by the city. The only loose-leaf alternative is to stage raked leaves near the edge of the street for timely collection by a private contractor. Residents are encouraged to notify the city of their plans for contractor pickup by calling 853-2000., Option 1. This year's fall leaf collections will begin the week of Nov. 9th, and Is scheduled on your regular trash collection day. BRUSH collection will be limited to only LARGE 4'X4'X4' piles during leaf collection season and on leaf/paper recycling weeks. No handful or small piles of brush will be collected during this period. There will be three pickups of paper bagged leaves on alternating weeks as follows:

Bagged Leaves and Regular Bulk Items Will Be Collected on:


Week of Nov. 9


Week of Dec. 7

Week Of:
November 9th
Paper Leaf Bags/No Bulk/ Brush Piles 4'X4'X4'
November 16th
Bulk Only/ No Brush
November 23rd
Paper Leaf Bags/ No Bulk/ Brush Piles 4'X4'X4'
November 30th
Bulk Only/ No Brush
December 7th
Paper Leaf Bags/ No Bulk/ Brush Piles 4'X4'X4'

An easy way to remember: Biodegradable bagged leaves will be collected the same week as Paper Recycling

Paper bagged leaves set out during non-leaf collection seasons are considered bulk trash and will be collected as a part of the regular six item bulk trash collection week program. More than six bags to the curb on a bulk week or brush week will be a code violation and treated as such.

Citizens will be allowed to place as many biodegradable paper bags full of leaves to the curb as they wish on paper recycling collection weeks. The three weeks you may do this are Nov. 10th-13th, Nov.24th-26th and Dec. 8th-11th. City code states that the bags be no smaller than 30 gallon capacity and citizens can obtain them from local hardware, home improvement and big box stores.

On bottles, cans and plastics recycling weeks during the leaf collection season, Nov. 17th-20th and Dec. 1st-4th, six (6) plastic bags of leaves can be set to the curb for collection as BULK trash. If more than six plastic bags are placed out, they will be treated as illegal dumping and a code violation notice may be placed on the adjoining property.

Reminder: As of 9/8/2009, it is a violation of City Code section 14.1 to rake loose leaves into the City's right-of-way. There will be strict enforcement by City inspectors. If leaves remain in the right-of-way after a 72-hour removal notice, the City will have the leaves removed and bill the adjoining parcel owner a $100 administrative fee plus the fee charged to the city by a private contractor.

Alternatives to Bagged Leaf Collection:

  1. Use the cheap, easy and environmentally friendly method of dealing with fallen leaves – weekly Mulch-Mowing. Mown leaves will seemingly disappear as they filter into the turfgrass canopy. This easy process eliminates many hours of raking, bagging, and hauling leaves to the curb.
  2. Construct a Compost Bin on your property and use those composted leaves in your garden or flower bed next year adding organic matter and reducing the need for fertilizer applications.
  3. Call a local Lawn/Landscape Contractor and have them remove your leaves
  4. Utilize Roanoke Valley Resource Authority (RVRA) located at 1020 Hollins Road. RVRA's Residential Disposal Policy allows 12 free visits per year. Bagged leaves or loose leaves using a 3/4 -ton pickup truck or small trailer (less than 8-foot and loads must be covered). Visit for details
Got Leaves? Follow Mother Nature’s recycling example:

There is a way to free your weekends this autumn and eliminate the chore of raking leaves forever. Mulch-Mowing, the quickest and easiest method of removing fallen leaves, is a simple process. Your mower becomes a “food processor” for your lawn by chopping both leaves and grass clippings many times before depositing the bits right back into the turfgrass.

Mulch Mowing: Produced by RVTV-3

Specifically-designed mulch-mowers (with enclosed decks and special blades) may work best, but virtually any rotary mower will do the trick when an $10 mulching blade or a mulching kit is installed. The secret to mulch-mowing is: 1. Mow every week just as you would during the growing season; 2. Set your mower to 3” or greater cutting height; and 3. If multiple passes are required, make them at perpendicular angles. Often the chopped leaves will disappear into the turfgrass with a single pass, eventually incorporating into the topsoil, reducing water and fertilizer needs over time.

Mulch-Mowing helps Mother Nature keep your lawn lush, green & healthy while saving you time & labor. It also address two quality of life issues outlined in the City of Roanoke’s comprehensive plan:
A. Fewer leaves in the street mean better environmental stewardship:

    • Loose Leaves may clog the City’s storm drain system potentially flooding both streets & properties.
    • Loose Leaf pile storm water runoff dumps phosphorus leachate into the Roanoke’s streams and rivers potentially decreasing oxygen availability for fish and other aquatic life.
B. Fewer leaves in the street mean cleaner, safer, & more aesthetically pleasing streets:
    • Loose Leaves may become dangerous unseen obstacles if workers have to plow an early season snow.
    • Loose Leaves may become slippery when wet, creating potential hazards for pedestrians.
    • Loose Leaves may become fire hazards if a vehicle’s exhaust or a careless cigarette comes into contact with dry leaves.