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Surname Files


Surname Files

Please check back for new vertical file search terms. New subjects are being added to the collection weekly. Surname files include family group sheets, bible records, obituaries, photographs, birth, marriage and death records and other items. Please check the online catalog for published family histories.

Akers Family, Floyd County, VA
Allison, Carter, Fry, Harris, Howard, King, Oglesby, Painter, Sayers, Wood, Walthall Families
Ayers Family
Baker Family
Banks Family
Barnett, Duty, Stovall, Royster Families
Barton Family (McFall)
Baylor Family
Blackwell Family
Bourne Family
Bowie Family
Bragg Family
Brickey Family
Brown Family
Brugh, Sanger, Linkenhoger Families
Bumgardner Family
Burks Family (Bedford County, VA, 1820-1931)
Cabell Family
Camden Family
Carr, Clagett, Glass, Hankins, Kittrell, Latham, Martin, Stovall, Wilson Families
Cartright, Ellwood, Lester, Sanders Families
Candler, Frick Families
Carden Family
Cassel Family
Cecil Family (Sebastian W. Cecil)
Childress Family
Claytor, Eiko Kimura "Kim" (Mrs. Walter)
Compton Family
Cox Family
Craig Family
Creasy Family (John Will Creasy, 1876-1923)
Davis, Kessler Families
Draper, Nunn Families
Dudley Family
Edwards, Barlow Families
Elliott Family (Pittsylvania County)
Field Family
Fisher Family (Wythe County)
Foster Family
Fuller Family (George W. Fuller, 1824-1865)
Garland, McClelland, Tutwiler Families
Gilliland Family
Gordin Family
Gordon Family
Graham Family (Wythe County, VA)
Hale Family
Hale, McRae, Holston, Barr Families
Hale, Coates, Yowell, Kipps Families
Hall Family
Harman, Hylton Families
Harris, Powers, Purvis Families
Hart Family
Henderson Family
Henritze Family
Hess Family (Floyd County, VA)
Hix Family
Hoover Family
Hornbarger Family
Horne, Leftwich Families
Hounshell Family (Wythe County, VA)
Inge Family
Ingram, Garland, Cornick, Drewry Families
Janney, Craighead (Craghead) Families
Jennings, Lowman Families
Jewell Family
Kegley, Gose Families
Kington Family (Sandy Ridge, NC)
Kirby Family (Meador)
Kunkle Family
Lanford Family
Lawrence Family
Lee Family
Leiper Family (Philadelphia, PA)
Lily Family
Litton Family
Lockhart Family
Lucas Family (Trigg Mosby Lucas)
Lucas, Lotts, Coakley Families
Mabry, Jackson, Thompson, Vaughn Families
Mahan Family
Martin, David, Canady Families
McCutchan Family
McLain Family
McMillan, McMillion, McMullen Family (Wythe and Patrick Counties, VA)
Meador Family
Miller Family
Mitchell, Cornett Families
Moomaw, Trout Families
Moorer Family
Morgan Family
Moser Family
Mullen, Nofsinger, Hartbarger Families
Murray Family
Newlee Family
*Newton, Vanhook, Walker Families (Caswell County, NC)
Nicoll, Willett, Woodhull Families
Obenshain Family
Owen Family (Botetourt County, VA)
Parsons, Pugh, Kingrea Families
Parsons, Sims, Hyatt, Bishop Families
Penn Family
Perrow Family
Peters Family
Pettit Family
Phillips Family
Price Family
Pullen Family
Purvine Family
Raper Family (Wythe County, VA)
Ratliff Family
Robertson, Kelley, Dudley, Poindexter, Smith, English, Bradley Families
Ramsey Family
Robbins, Ring Families
Rule Family
Runnels, Paxton Families
Rutledge Family
Sanderson Family
Sayers Family
Scott Family
Scruggs, Quesenbury Families
Shumate Family
Slicer, Carper, Thompson, Hart, Engleby Families
Snead, Dudley Families
Snyder/Nofsinger Families
Staples Family (Abram P. Staples)
Staton Family
Swicegood, Davis Families
Terry, Green Families
Turner Family
Vaden Family
Vaught Family (#1 Wythe County, VA)
Vaught Family (#2 Wythe County, VA)
Vaught Family (#3 Wythe County, VA)
Wade Family
Wade, Derickson, Pride, Tomlinson, Welch, Bruce, Thomas, Wyatt Families
Walker Family (Adam Walker)
Walker Family (Montgomery Walker)
Walton, Gray Families
Warts, Werts, Kirby, Meador, Harris Families
Waskey Family
Waskey, Kelly Families
Watkins, Coleman, Edmond Families
Webb Family (Smith Webb, 1775-)
Weddle Family
Whalen Family
Whalen, Spillan, Mulcare, St. Clair Families
Whitlock Family
Williams, Ballowe Families
Winsor Family (Botetourt County, VA)
Wolfenden, Richardson Families