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Frequently Asked Questions
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What time do the doors open?
Normally, one hour before event starts.

Can I bring my camera/take pictures?
Depends on the show but usually point and shoot are okay; no video recorders and no professional lenses.

What are the box office hours?
10-6 on weekdays; 10-2 on Saturdays and on Sundays prior to event if there is an event scheduled.

Do you have wheelchairs that I can use?
Yes, a limited number so it's first-come-first-served.

At what age can a child get in free?
Usually a child who has not yet reached his/her second birthday does not require a ticket, unless it's a children's show, in which case it would be the first birthday. Please contact the Box Office at 540-853-5483 to check your shows restrictions.

Do I have to pay to park at the Berglund Center?
This varies by event. There will be a charge for parking during most major and multiple events (ie, when there are several events happening at the same time).

How much is a parking pass?
The fee to park on-site at the Berglund Center is $5.00, but please note there will be additional fees applied if purchased online or separately from an event. See event listings online at TheBerglundCenter.com for additional information.

How can I purchase a parking pass?
Parking passes are available at the Berglund Center Box Office or online at HometownBankTix.com. Parking passes are not available for purchase by phone.

Where can I park if I choose not to purchase a parking pass?
The Berglund Center will continue to offer free shuttle service to and from the Elmwood Park Garage located at 201 Tazewell Avenue in Downtown Roanoke across from Elmwood Park. Parking at night and on weekends in the garage is also free.

Will Handicap parking still be available?
Yes. We have 46 parking spaces near the Coliseum designated for guests with special needs.

How often does the parking shuttle run when it's running?
Every 5-10 minutes.

Is the auditorium the same as the coliseum?
No, the "auditorium" generally refers to our Performing Arts Theatre.

Why are there different ticket prices for events?
In general, the closer the seat to stage, the higher the ticket price.

Are your buildings handicapped-accessible? Where is the handicapped parking?
All of our venues are handicapped-accessible. Designated handicap parking is directly in front of the Coliseum and Performing Arts Theatre in Lot B.

Do you offer public skating? If so, how much does it cost? Can I rent skates there or do I have to bring my own?
We do offer public skating sessions when the ice is in, and the skating season usually starts in September and is removed early the following year depending on our event schedule. Please check our event schedule for a full list of dates. At present, the cost for the session is $5 and skates may be rented for $2.00.

Am I allowed to bring my own food and beverage in for an event?
Outside food or beverages are not permitted in any of our venues.

Are group ticket rates available?
We will often offer special group prices for our events. A group usually constitutes at least 10 people. Please contact our box office to determine if group rates are available for a particular event.

Are there any ATM's at the Berglund Center?
Yes, ATM's are located on the Coliseum concourse for the convenience of our patrons and in the lobbies of the Performing Arts Theatre and Berglund Special Events Center.

Are there handicapped seating areas in your buildings?
Yes, we provide designated seating for physically impaired individuals for all of our events. The box office should be advised when purchasing tickets so that the special seating can be allocated.

Are credit cards accepted at the concession stands?
Credit card machines are available for use at the concession stands in the Coliseum and the Berglund Special Events Center.

Do the Berglund Center facilities recycle?
Yes, we have specially designated recycling receptacles in all of our buildings.

Are there any hotels within walking distance to the Berglund Center?
The Holiday Inn Express, Days Inn, Econo Lodge, Quality Inn, and Rodeway Inn are all within a few minutes' walk of our facilities. The Doubletree Hotel (formerly Hotel Roanoke) is also a short walk to downtown Roanoke. Please view our website under the "Links" tab to access contact information and addresses.

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