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Booking Policies
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Booking Policies and Procedures

Facility and date scheduling commitments for events and activities made more than twelve (12) months in advance are subject to change.

In order to hold a date(s), the licensee must indicate the exact name of the act/activity involved. Substitutions of acts/activities for a date(s) voids the hold. Berglund Center Management reserves the right to determine which events are in the best interest of the facility when the same dates and/or similar events are being requested by more than one promoter. Regardless of the hold sequence, the Berglund Center may reject a tentative hold after it has been placed.

In the process of scheduling facilities and dates, the following terms and definitions shall apply to scheduling commitments:



Deposit Schedule
Deposits are required for all activities upon execution of the license agreement. Licensee shall pay to City the initial required deposit of 100% of the required basic facility fee for one event day with the return of the license agreement. The balance of the rent shall be paid prior to occupancy.

If multiple events are held in one year, the licensee may opt to roll over the deposit from the previous event in lieu of making multiple deposits. Licensee also has the option of providing a standing deposit for the year.

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