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Recycling Collection


Click here for Single Stream Recycling information.

Recycling Program
The City of Roanoke is proud to offer curbside recycling collection to every city resident. Recycling helps conserve energy and natural resources, reduce solid waste, protect the environment, create jobs and help our economy. New bins are available to recycling households.If you live in an apartment complex with more than four units that is NOT serviced with a private dumpster, please have your landlord call Recycling Supervisor David Twigg at 853-6847 to discuss recycling options.

To determine whether a given week is a bottles and cans week or a paper week, please refer to the city's municipal calendar or enter a date below:

    This week is:

Each resident's refuse, recycling and bulk and brush collection takes place on the same day of the week. Using I-581/US 220 and the main railway tracks to divide the city into quadrants, collection for Northwest will take place on Monday, Northeast on Tuesday, Southeast on Wednesday, and Southwest on Thursday. Please note that these quadrants do not necessarily match the quadrants used for postal addresses.
  • Each household receives two green recycling bins, which are recorded and registered to the household's address. These two bins remain city property and must be left for the next occupant when you move.
  • Each week, one of the two containers will be collected on the same day, and in the same location (curb or alley), as the big blue container (refuse). The appropriate container must be placed out for collection no earlier than 7:00 p.m. on the day before collection and no later than 7:00 a.m. on the day of collection. Containers must be removed no later than 7:00 a.m. on the day following collection.
  • One week is "Bottles and Cans Week". The city will collect colored and clear glass bottles, aluminum and steel ("tin") cans, and #1 thru #7 plastics. Please rinse all items before placing them in the bins. NO SORTING IS REQUIRED!
  • The next week is "Paper Week."  The city will collect office paper, junk mail, magazines, newspapers, chipboard boxes (cereal, cake mix, pasta, gift,etc.), and collapsed corrugated boxes. NO SORTING IS REQUIRED!
Q. How do I get started in the new recycling program?
A. If you do not have any recycling containers, you can request two free recycling containers by calling 853-2000 and pressing option #1 or use the online service request form.

Q. Where do I place my recycling container for collection?
A. Place your recycling container at the same place where you put your automated trash container (Big Blue). Please make sure that you place your recycling container at least 3 feet from your Big Blue trash container.