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Bulk and Brush Collection



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From time to time, you may have inappropriate material for normal refuse or recycling collection.

The city of Roanoke offers free bulk and brush collection for residential customers.

Please read all of the following information carefully before disposing of your bulk or brush items:

Bulk item collection is for material inappropriate for normal refuse or recycling collection, such as household furniture, mattresses, box springs, and appliances.*

Non-Metal Bulk Items include household furniture, mattresses, box springs, and other household items. For example items that are securely bagged (clothes, junk, etc.).

An example of a bulk collection would be a chair, coffee table, mattress and 3 bags - this equals the 6 bulk item limit. ANY bag that is not in the big blue can and is placed at the curb during the non-leaf collection season is considered a bulk item. This includes brush and yard waste that is bagged and placed to the curb on either bulk or brush collection week.

* You can put up to 6 bulk items out bi-weekly for collection beginning July 6th, 2010. Bulk will be collected the same week as bottles, cans and plastics' recycling.
* Make sure all refrigerator doors are removed before placing out for collection.
* Appliances will be collected separately from other bulk items.

Brush collection is for a pile of tree branches or shrubbery that cannot fit in your “Big Blue” automated container. You can put out about one pickup truck load (4’ X 4' X 4’) of brush bi-weekly beginning July 6th, 2010. Brush will be collected on the same week as paper recycling. No branch can be longer than 4’ and/or wider than 3” in diameter.

*The Roanoke Valley Resource Authority has changed how it processess treated lumber. The RVRA operates the Tinker Creek Transfer Station and the Smith Gap landfill, where the city's refuse is transported and deposited. The RVRA will no longer be able to process treated railroad ties or landscaping timbers into mulch due to Virginia Department of Environmental Quality regulations. The City of Roanoke will continue to collect treated lumber (landscaping timbers and railroad ties only, not construction materials) as part of its solid waste collection, but after it is taken to the TinkerCreek Transfer Station, it will be transported to the landfill rather than being turned into mulch. Residents are asked to place treated lumber out for solid waste collection separately from other brush or non-treated lumber.

Any brush cut for a fee cannot be serviced by Solid Waste Management.

All items must be set out no earlier than 7 p.m. the night before your collection day.

Each resident's refuse, recycling and bulk and brush collection takes place on the same day of the week. Using I-581/US 220 and the main railway tracks to divide the city into quadrants, collection for Northwest will take place on Monday, Northeast on Tuesday, Southeast on Wednesday, and Southwest on Thursday. Please note that these quadrants do not necessarily match the quadrants used for postal addresses. Use the map below to determine the correct day for pickup.

  • Bulk items and brush should be placed for collection on your normal collection day. Items must be placed at the curb of the street (not the alley),away from any obstruction such as parked vehicles, fences, fire hydrants, mailboxes, telephone poles, walls, overhead wires or tree branches. Your items must be placed at the curb for collection no earlier than 7 p.m. the day before collection and no later than 7 a.m. the day of collection. Place your bulk and brush items at least five feet away from your regular refuse and recycling containers. Trash and small debris should be put in your big blue automated refuse container for regular refuse collection. Please bag all loose trash and debris.
  • Only six bulk items will be picked up at each bi-weekly collection.
  • Brush must be placed with the widest ends near the street. A collection of brush is limited to one pickup truck load of material ( 4' X 4' X 4' ).
  • Organic material, concrete, building materials, materials resulting from the remodeling or tearing down of a structure and car parts cannot be picked up by the city of Roanoke.
  • Only two tires will be picked up per collection day. Please remove the rims and place tires 1ft. away from your automated container.
If you have any questions about bulk or brush pickup, please call 853-2000 and select option #1 for more information.