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Environmental Policy and Programs


The purpose of Environmental Management is to promote and protect the natural environment which is particularly important to the quality of life for the citizens of Roanoke. The city's location amid the Blue Ridge Mountains, combined with access to natural resources such as the Roanoke River, Blue Ridge Parkway, Smith Mountain Lake and parks, provides a natural environmental quality in an urban setting.

Environmental Policy Statement
    • Comply with all applicable environmental legislation, regulations, internal requirements, and municipal standards.
    • Establish policies and procedures to foster a proactive approach towards environmental management.
    • Educate and train city employees for improved environmental performance and increased awareness of environmental issues.
    • Practice the principles of prevention of pollution.
    • Implement and merge our environmental management system to make it an integral part of our standard business practices.
    • Identify and incorporate methods to reduce the generation of solid and hazardous waste.
    • Encourage and increase citizen awareness and involvement in an effort to protect the environment.

  • Works with the community to keep it clean, safe and happy.
  • Prides itself on customer service
  • Has developed several environmentally safe programs
    • Household Hazardous Waste Collection
    • Recycling
    • Bulk & Brush Collection
    • Bagged Leaf Collection
  • Promotes Public Awareness and Education about all aspects of Solid Waste Management.
Hazardous Waste Collection Days
This is a wonderful way for you to clean out all of your hazardous materials in a safe, earth-friendly manner.
Recycles aluminum, tin, glass, plastics containers #1 thru #7, newspapers, papers and boxes.
We collect your grass clippings, tree limbs, brush, and other yard waste. We also accept household bulk items such as sofas, and dressers

If you would like to learn more, just click on the program, watch for us on , or call our Customer Service Center-Line at 853-2000

Please note these programs are available to all citizens of the city of Roanoke at no additional charge.

“Cut It & Leave it”

What is Cut it & Leave it?

Cut it and leave it is the natural way you can have a green, healthy lawn while spending less time and money!

Sounds too good to be true? Well try it; you just might like what you see.

Wouldn’t you rather be sipping an ice cold lemonade in the shade, rather than spending time and energy buying plastic bags and throwing the grass clippings into them and then dragging them to the curb? A lawn that is 5,000 square feet generates 75 pounds of grass clippings per mowing.

Have you ever seen a golf course bagging their grass clippings?

It works like this:
      CUT the top 1/3 of the grass blade and LEAVE the clippings right on the lawn.
      Mow when the grass is dry to avoid tracking and clumping.
      Keep your mower blade sharp.
      No special equipment is necessary. Mulching blades are available for most machines, but a regular blade will do just as well.

When “Cut it & Leave it” is properly done, clippings settle quickly between the growing blades of grass where they shelter the roots from the sun, and conserve moisture. As they break down, they release more moisture as well as nutrients into the soil. This means that grass needs to be watered less frequently. Believe it or not, clippings left on the lawn supply one-third or more of the nitrogen needed to keep your grass green and healthy.

Thatch is an accumulation of dead roots, stems and rhizomes which are parts of the plant that decompose slowly. Clippings, which are 95% water, are leaves of grass plant and decompose too quickly to contribute to thatch.

Household Hazardous Waste Collection

The City of Roanoke is happy to be a partner with the Roanoke Valley Resource Authority's new 
Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program. We ask residents to click on the Roanoke Valley Resource Authority's web site for information or call 857-5071.

E-Waste Collection Choices

The city will accept up to six white good items. ( refrigerators, washer, dryers etc.) on your collection day, but they must be brought to the curb. More information is forthcoming pertaining to disposal of electronic devices such as televisions, computer monitors and towers, cellphones, etc.