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Dog Licenses


Dog Licenses

When your dog receives a rabies vaccination, your veterinarian is required to notify the treasurer of the locality in which the vaccination occurs. If the dog owner has not purchased a dog license within 90 days of the rabies inoculation, the local treasurer is required to send an application and bill to the owner for each dog not licensed.

View and/or download the Animal License Application

Pursuant to Sec. 6-40 of the Code of the City of Roanoke, all dogs four months of age or older owned or kept in the city must be licensed by the city treasurer in accordance with the following guidelines:
  • Dog licenses expire on December 31 of each year and must be purchased or renewed between November 1 and December 31.
  • Proof of the owner's city residency and a signed, valid rabies vaccination certificate must be presented before any dog license will be issued.
  • Kennels with over 50 dogs are prohibited within the city. Before a kennel license will be issued for kennels with 50 or fewer dogs, a valid business license must be presented.
  • The following annual license fees have been established by City Council:
Unsterilized One Year Tag
Sterilized One Year Tag
Unsterilized Three Year Tag
Sterilized Three Year Tag
Guide or Hearing dog
No Fee
Kennel for 10 dogs or less
Kennel for 20 dogs or less
Kennel for 30 dogs or less
Kennel for 40 dogs or less
Kennel for 50 dogs or less
Additional fee for dog found
dangerous by the courts
Fee for replacement of lost
or damaged tag
  • A dog license consists of a metal tag and a receipt showing the appropriate license fee has been paid. The receipt must be kept by the owner and presented to an animal control officer upon request. The metal tag must be securely fastened to a substantial collar by the owner and worn by the dog at all times unless the dog is engaged in lawful hunting; the dog is competing in a dog show; the dog has a skin condition which would be exacerbated by the wearing of a collar; the dog is confined; or the dog is under the immediate control of its owner. It is unlawful for any person, except the owner, to remove a legally acquired license tag from a dog.
How to Register Your Dog

  1. After your pet has been vaccinated for rabies, you must purchase a license in the locality where you live.
  2. Send the Rabies Vaccination Certificate along with written verification that your dog has been neutered/spayed.
  3. Enclose the proper fee along with the rabies certificate.
  4. If you send your original certificate, please send a postage paid envlope so we can return your certificate to you.
  5. Mail your completed application, payment and required documents to: Treasurer, City of Roanoke, PO Box 1451, Roanoke, VA 24007-1451; or place in the Treasurer's Office drop box at 215 Church Ave across from the Noel C Taylor Municipal Building or you can pay in person inside the Treasurer's Office; room 254 on the second floor of the building.