What is Lead Safe Roanoke?


What is Lead Safe Roanoke?

Lead Safe Roanoke is a grant-funded program designed to reduce lead poisoning in children age 5 and under by stabilizing lead-based paint hazards found in rental and single-family homes built in Roanoke prior to 1978.

FUNDS ARE AVAILABLE to help stabilize deteriorating lead-based paint hazards in your home and/or rental units.

Risk Assessment

Your home will receive a risk assessment. This is a type of testing to find all possible lead hazards in your home. This process is so through it can take up to 5 hours. Results from the test will show contractors exactly where lead problems are and a scope or work will be created. The XRF Lead Paint analyzer will be used during the risk assessment. This provides a better way to identify the presence of lead paint on multiple surfaces prior to repair, and painting. The XRF provides a fast and accurate method of measuring lead concentrations in a multilayer coating painted surfaces.


Owner: A date will be set for construction. Home owners will be relocated to an efficiency hotel until construction work is completed, usually about a week and a half to 2 weeks. Pets will be relocated as well.

Tenant: The landlord will be responsible for relocation 


A certified lead abatement contractor will be selected to fix all lead hazards in your home. The furnishings and belongings in the work area are protected or relocated prior to the start of work. The work area is prepared to prevent the migration of dust and construction debris using plastic sheeting. A specialized cleaning is performed by the contractor. A few things construction may include are:

  • New energy efficiant windows
  • Interior and exterior painting
  • Soil removal and replacement


Clearance of the work area is performed by a state certified inspector/risk assessor. Copies of lead testing, scope of work, Certificate of Clearance, and Contractor’s Abatement Report should be retained by the property owner for the life of the dwelling.