Fair Housing Board

Type: Board

Meeting Frequency: Third Tuesday, Quarterly, at 4:00 p.m., Room 308, 215 Church Avenue, S. W.

Contact: Recording Secretary, Lara Burleson, (540) 853-5681; laura.burleson@roanokeva.gov

Members: Seven (7)

MemberTerm of OfficeEligible for Reappointment
Lisa Y. Barksdale03/31/18Yes
Amanda C. Buyalos03/31/19Yes
Antwyne U. Calloway03/31/19Yes
Charlotte H. Davis03/31/21Yes
Stephen Grammer03/31/19Yes
Byron Lee Hamlar03/31/19Yes
Dennis B. Light03/31/21Yes


NOTE:(1) See Chapter 16, Human Rights, Article III, Fair Housing, Division 2, Fair Housing Board, of the Code of the City of Roanoke (1979), as amended.
(2) Sec. 16-167 of the City Code states that all members shall reside in the City.
(3) See Ordinance No. 36635-030104.

For more information, contact the Secretary of the Board or click here.