Citizen Engagement

The Office of Citizen Engagement brings government and citizens together to foster collaborative conversations, build positive relationships and promote new innovative ways for citizens to be involved, informed, and engaged. Through the use of social media, other digital platforms, neighborhood collaboration, public outreach, and other special projects, this office provides a one-stop-shop for engaging with the public.

​Social Media

The Office of Citizen Engagement manages the city's social media presence. Roanoke is a local government leader in social media with more than 60 accounts and a following of more than 190,000. The city continues to be recognized nationally for its use of social media and engagement with citizens. In 2016, the city's main Facebook page had a reach of 23 million. Posts throughout the year received 2.6 million likes, comments and shares. Videos posted on the main page were viewed 1.5 million times. Click here to read the 2016 Social Media Annual Report.

Roanoke Reports

Roanoke Reports is the City of Roanoke's electronic newsletter for citizens. Each month, the flip-book style format features different stories about things happening in the city. The newsletter is sent via email and posted on social media on the 1st Monday of each month. Click here to sign up. Click here to read past Roanoke Reports articles.