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eTRAKiT now available!

eTRAKiT permitting system is now available for scheduling inspections, searching permits, and resubmitting plans for review on cases where a number has been assigned to the project.  When fully functional (expected by October 28, 2016), most permits can be applied for and approved through eTRAKiT.   If you are experiencing issues with eTRAKiT, contact the Permit Center at (540) 853-1090.  For guidance on submitting plans via eTRAKiT or email see our Electronic Plan Submission guidelines.

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to get information on the most common types of construction and development projects.  Each project type has information on the permits you'll need, what you need to apply for a permit,  and links to the forms you'll need.

Tabs on this page are customized for residents, businesses, architects and contractors, and civil engineers.
  1. Neil Holland

    Neil Holland

    Building Commissioner

  2. Bane Compton

    Bane Compton

    Deputy Building Commissioner

  3. Keith St. Clair

    Keith St.Clair

    Deputy Building Commissioner

  4. Michael Hopkins_thumb.jpg

    Mike Hopkins

    Combination Inspector Inspections & Field Services

  1. Ian Shaw

    Ian Shaw

    Planning Administrator

  2. Jillian Papa

    Jillian Moore

    Zoning Administrator

  3. George Nevergold

    Development Review Coordinator

  1. Frank Haley

    Frank Haley

    Combination Inspector Inspections & Field Services

  2. Wayne Irby

    Wayne Irby

    Combination Inspector Inspections & Field Services

  3. Al Crespo

    Al Crespo

    Combination Inspector Inspections & Field Services

  4. Tommy Hahn

    Tommy Hahn

    Combination Inspector Inspections and Field Servic

  1. Mark Bowles

    Mark Bowles

    Development Inspector

  2. Robert Eakin

    Development Inspector

  3. Winston Corbett

    Winston Corbett

    Development Inspector

  4. Adrian Gilbert

    Development Engineer I

  5. Ken Richardson

    Ken Richardson

    Development Engineer I

  1. Valerie Staten

    Valerie Staten

    Development and Building Coordinator III

  2. Steven Swain

    Steven Swain

    Development and Building Coordinator II

  3. Sonja Parker

    Sonja Parker

    Development and Building Coordinator I

  4. Taylor Ferguson

    Taylor Ferguson

    Development and Building Coordinator I

  5. Yolanda Godfrey_thumb.jpg

    Yolanda Godfrey

    Permit Center Tech I